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Waalo Fendo: Where The Earth Freezes - Mohammed Soudani
Waalo Fendo: Where The Earth Freezes

Director: Mohammed Soudani
From: Senegal / Switzerland
Year: 1998 - Minutes: 65
Language: drama
Genre: Wolof with English subtitles

Milan, like Paris or Stuttgart, and like many other European cities, is the theater of the drama of immigration. Demba reconstructs his story and that of his brother Yaro, both Senegalese immigrants in Italy, in a long and fragmentary flashback that begins with Yaro’s murder and recounts their departure from the village, arrival in Europe, the work they find selling lighters and picking tomatoes in the south of Italy: the stages every “non-EEC citizen” goes through in Italy. It is a story of immigration like so many others but that most people are unaware of. Waalo Fendo illustrates the dehumanization faced by so many immigrants all over the world.

video sale: $90
DVD sale: $245 DVD also includes film Otomo