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Almacita, Sould of Desolato - directed by Felix De Rooy
Almacita, Soul of Desolato - directed by Felix De Rooy
Director: Felix De Rooy
From: Curacao
Year: 1986 - Minutes: 100
Language: Papamientu with English subtitles
Genre: drama

Based on old legends, the film depicts a fictional agricultural community in an isolated part of Curaçao at the turn of the century. The central theme of the film is the struggle between creative and destructive forces.

In the village of Desolato, Solem, the priestess protects the villagers from Alma Sola, the symbol of evil, the patriarch of the "shons", the white landowners. Alma Sola has the power to transform into male, female or animal and always strikes when vigilance of Desolato weakens.

Solem has sacrificed her fertility for the welfare of the community. Therefore she is not allowed to have a relationship with a man. Her longing for physical love provides Alma Sola with an opportunity to lead her stray.

Paul Robeson Prize for Best Diaspora Film, FESPACO 1991