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Stories of Motherhood

Two films that explore the commitment of motherhood by looking at the life of two African women, in "Family Motel" Ayan, a Somalian refugee living in Canada fights to raise her two teenage daughters, in "Seasons of Life," a housemaid, who is sexually abused is forced to give up a child but comes back for him years later.


Raising teenage daughters is not easy, especially for Ayan, a Somalian refugee living in Canada who also supports a husband and two sons left behind in Somalia. Living in her small Vancouver apartment with her daughters -- Nasrah, 17, and Leila, 15 -- Ayan is trying to keep everything together, but is evicted from her apartment for late payment. They have to move to a family motel. Ayan keeps her faith and dignity throughout these challenging times and, with great fortitude, strives to make the best of her difficult situation. Further drama ensues when Nasrah and Leila begin to rebel against their mother.

Directed by Helene Klodawsky, Canada, 2007, 88 min, Fiction in English. 



A housemaid, who is sexually abused by her boss and made pregnant, is forced to give up her son in order to go on with her education. Six years later she comes back to claim her son. From Malawi comes this moving story about sexual abuse, women rights and the legal justice system in Malawi. This film tackles universal themes in an African setting giving an understanding of some of the modernization and democratization processes in Africa.

Directed by C. Shemu Joyah, Malawi, 2008, 102 min, Fiction in English.

DVD sale: $345