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RosaChumbePosterCritically acclaimed drama Rosa Chumbe by Jonatan Relayze has been selected as Peru's 2018 official foreign language Oscar submission!

Rosa Chumbe is set in the middle of October, in the city of Lima, Peru. This is “the purple month”: the time to commemorate the Lord of Miracles, the most widely venerated image of Christ in the city, with many processions going on around downtown.

Rosa Chumbe, an indigenous, mature police officer with both a gambling and a drinking problem lives with her daughter Sheila, who has a little baby. One day, after a big fight between them, Sheila steals her mother’s savings and storms out of the house leaving her baby behind. Rosa is forced to spend some time with her grandson. Something changes inside her heart of stone. However, everything takes a wrong turn one night. Only a miracle can save her.

"Rosa Chumbe" is a rare film from Peru where the multiculturalism and multi-racialism of Peruvien society is present everywhere. The film is a strong social commentary on the cultural alienation of an indigenous person living in a modern society where the dominant culture does not make room for cultural differences. The magic realism mode of narration and representation that appears as the story evolves represents both a relief to Rosa Chumbe's inner demons and a recognition of the multilayered identities of the Latin American reality." Reinaldo B. Spech Ed.D.

Directed by Jonatan Relayze, Peru, 2016, Drama, 75 min, Spanish with English subtitles.

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DVD Purchase: $345



Austin International Film Festival of the Americas , Winner Jury Award - Best Feature Film

Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema, Winner - Best Actress, Liliana Trujillo, Special Mention - International Official Selection

Lima Latin American Film Festival, Winner - Best Peruvian Film, Jonatan Relayze (director)

Montreal World Film Festival , Winner FIPRESCI Prize, First Films Competition -Jonatan Relayze and special mention for first feature film

Rosa Chumbe - 1er Trailer from ArtMattan Productions on Vimeo.