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This historical saga is a stirring fusion of folklore, political impact and dynamic story-telling, realized in vibrant tropical colors and set to the pulsing beat of Gilberto Gil's musical score. After the slave revolt of 1641, groups of enslaved black Brazilians escaped to mountainous jungle strongholds where they formed self-governing communities. This film is the chronicle of the most famous of these communities which flourished for several decades under the reign of the legendary chieftain Ganga Zumba.

It t is Brazilian film maker Carlos Diegues' gift to be able to create entrancing, sensual film epics from his country's tumultuous experience [...] His vision is broad and deep enough to allow him to look beyond social protest and capture a timeless sense of human destiny. "Quilombo" is his most ambitious film to date. He has said himself that the saga of Quilombo dos Palmares is the essential Brazilian epic; bringing it to the screen represents a prodigious feat of imagination and research.” ~ LA Times

Directed by Carlos Diegues, Brazil, 1984, Epic Drama, 114 min, Brazlian Portuguese with English subtitles.

DVD Purchase: $395