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The President Has AIDS?

Jimmy Jean-Louis -- featured among the cast of the television phenomenon “Heroes,”  -- stars as musician extraordinaire in denial, President, in this Haitian comedy-drama about the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Dao is the biggest movie star in Haiti, the self-proclaimed "President of Compas." He has women falling at his feet and men emulating him. He feels invincible-living the life of a rock star--sex, drugs and alcohol--except that he can no longer hide his illness which is threatening to derail his career. Despite pressure from his manager, he refuses to get tested for AIDS, turning instead to rituals, spells, and the church. At one of his concerts, he rescues Nina from the leery advances of Larieux, a wealthy and powerful businessman, who Nina's mother wants her to marry. As romance blossoms between Dao and Nina, who likes Dao despite his fame, not because of it, Larieux plots his revenge. Also starring Riccardo Lefeuvre and Jessica Geneus. 



Running Time: 110 Minutes
Year: 2007
Country: Haiti
Language: Creole/French with English subtitles
Director:  Arnold Antonin
Screenplay: Gary Victor
Cinematography: Camilo Widmaier
Editor: Oldy Auguste
Producer:  Arnold Antonin
Music: Boulot Valcourt and John Mogène
Sound: Lazaro
Cast:Jimmy Jean-Louis. Dao; Jessica Geneus   Nina




FESPACO 2007   Winner   Paul Robeson Award Best Film by a Director from the African Diaspora Arnold Antonin

Special Mention  Vues d’Afrique ,  Montreal, 2007

Special Award of the Burkina Faso’s Comitteee of struggle against AIDS