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Filling the Gap Conceived as an effort to alter the way African-American children see themselves and their ancestors, this docu-drama highlights the inventive and inspired contributions of African-Americans in the 1840s, the period leading to the Civil War in American History.

Developed in collaboration with Florida-based historian Mary Fears to produce a historically accurate portrayal of the brave, compelling lives of African American skilled craftsmen, artists, inventors, and Union spies, the film is certain to enthrall young audiences with this overlooked facet of history.

USA, 2010, 83 min, docu-drama, English, TyroneYoung, dir.

"This is an incredibly powerful piece for kids to see. Black kids, white kids, whatever. . . they need to see this. It really does fill the gap. It reminds us all of the incredible intelligence, artistry, craftsmanship, and heart of the people of color who were subjected to all kinds of horrors. The emphasis on this movie is not about the horror of slavery, though it is obviously a factor, but about the contributions and skills of the black population dealing with that horror. We can all use the message that we can rise above our surroundings. Children, especially children of color but whites as well, need to see and experience these stories that will make them proud and remind them of their heritage. Well done Tyrone Young and the rest of all those involved." - Dr. Scott Sheperd

Listened to Director Tyrone Young explain the value of this film in his own words!
Filling The Gap Movie with intro by Director Tyrone Young
Filling The Gap Movie with intro by Director Tyrone Young



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