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The introduction to Henry Louis Gates Jr's ground-breaking PBS series Black in Latin America reads: "Twelve-and-a-half million Africans were shipped to the New Word during the Middle passage. While just over 11.00 million survived the arduous journey, only about 450,000 of them arrived in the United States. The rest - more than 10.5 million - were taken to the Caribbean and Latin America and kept in bondage for longer than the slaves in the United States. This astonishing fact changes the entire picture of the history of slavery in the Western hemisphere, and of its lasting cultural impact. These millions of Africans created new and vibrant cultures, magnificently compelling syntheses of various African, English, French. Portuguese and Spanish influences."

BLACKS IN LATIN AMERICA is a 2-DVD set featuringTango Negro: The African Roots of Tango (Argentina and Uruguay) a revealing documentary that traces the origins of tango back to the slave trade between Africa and South America and explains how the music and dance evolved into a Latin American form with myriad styles and La Playa D.C. from Colombia (Official Selection, Cannes 2012), about an Afro-Colombian teenager who fled the country's Pacific coast pushed out by the ar, and faces the difficulties of growing up in the city of Bogota.

DVD sale: $395


Tango Negro, The African Roots of Tango by Angolan filmmaker Dom Pedro explores the expression of Tango’s Africanness and the contribution of African cultures in the creation of the tango. Tango was a reflection of the social life of the slaves that were taken to South America - including Argentina and Uruguay - mostly from central Africa, particularly from the former Kongo Kingdom. Director Dom Pedro reveals the depth of the footprints of the African music on the tango, through this rich movie combining musical performances and interviews from many tango fans and historians in Latin America and Europe, including the renowned Argentinean pianist Juan Carlos Caceres.

Directed by Dom Pedro, 2013, 93 min., France, Documentary , French/Spanish/ English subt.




La Playa D.C.

Director: Juan Andres Arango Garcia
From: Colombia / Brazil / France
Year: 2012- Minutes: 90mins
Language : Spanish with English Subtitles
Genre: Drama


Tomas,an Afro-Colombian teenager who fled the country's Pacific coast pushed out by the war, faces the difficulties of growing up in a city if exclusion and racism. When Jairo, his younger brother and closest friend disappears, Tomas plunges in the streets of the city. His search becomes an initiatory journey that compels him to face his past and to leave aside the influence of his is brothers in order to find his own identity. Through this journey, Tomas reveals a unique perspective of a vibrant and unstable city that, like Tomas, stands on the threshold between what once was and what might be.

Official Selection, Cannes Film Festival 2012.
Winner, Best First Work, Lima Latin American Film Festival 2012