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Maluala - directed by Sergio Giral

Director: Dao Abdoulaye
From: Burkina Faso
Year: 2009 African Film Minutes: 101
Language: French with English subtitles
Genre: Social Comedy

Mina is tired of her husband's infidelity and decides to take a drastic decision: She takes a second husband. Based on his conversations with women involved in polygamist relationships, director Dao Abdoulaye illustrates - to very funny effects - the daily life of two persons - in this case two men - who share a spouse. On a comedic tone, Abdoulaye Dao tells us a story of jealousy, infidelity, romance and revenge.

An Uncommon Woman-Une Femme Pas Comme Les Autres- was a success in its native Burkina Faso and is cast with some the best actors of Burkinabe cinema.

Official selection, African Diaspora International Film Festival 2010.