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KING AMPAW is a Germany trained Ghanaian filmmaker whose work has gained international recognition. Kukurantumi, The Road to Accra, winner Film Critics Award FESPACO 1985, is one of two feature films - with No Time to Die - in this double set DVD "A KING BEHIND THE CAMERA" that offers a good-humored depiction of life in modern Ghana.

DVD sale: $295

Kukurantumi, The Road to Accra


Director: King Ampaw
From: Ghana 
Year: 1983 Minutes: 95 
Country: Ghana 
Language: English
Main Cast:  Evans Oma, David Dontoh

In this revealing African comedy-drama that contrasts the hectic life in Accra, the capital of Ghana, with the relative peace of Kukurantumi, a rural town in Eastern Ghana, a truck driver makes runs between the two locations with few problems until his truck breaks down. He gets involved in a shady business and at the same time promises his daughter in marriage to a rich merchant. His daughter runs off to Accra with her boyfriend -- but then nothing turns out quite like she had planned. Music by Fela Kuti.

Script: King Ampaw 
Camera: Eckhard Dorn, Kofi Amos 
Music: Amartey Hedzoleh, Fela Kuti 
With: David Dontoh, Evans Oma, Amy Appiah, Ernest Youngman


No Time to Die

No Time to Die

Director: King Ampaw
From:Ghana/West Germany
Year:2006 Minutes: 95 
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Main Cast:  David Dontoh, Agatha Ofori

Official selection, African Diaspora Film Festival 2007

No Time to Die is director King Ampaw’s contribution to passing onto the next generation the tradition of celebrating the life and transition of loved ones.

A hearse driver meets and falls in love with a young, beautiful dancer who is planning an elaborate homegoing celebration for her mother. This love and comedy feature length film follows the hearse driver as he does everything to win her affection despite her father's desapproval.


Born in Kukurantumi in the Eastern Region on July 25, 1940, King Ampaw attended the Academy of Film in Potsdam, Germany, in 1965; the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, Austria, in 1966, and the Academy of Television and Film at the Munich University, Germany from 1967 to 1972, where he studied with Werner Herzog and Wim Wenders.

He graduated as a Film Director with his first film 'They call it Love'. On his return home, he became a Senior Film Director at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation from 1979 to 1982 when he left GBC to form his own film company, Afromovies Ltd.

King Ampaw directed 'Kukurantumi - The Road to Accra' (1983), 'Nana Akoto', 'Juju' (1985) and 'No Time To Die' (2007). He has also co-produced many other movies, including the sensational 'Copra Verde' (1987), directed by Werner Herzog, in which he played the second lead role with the late Hollywood actor, Klaus Kinski. Others are 'African Timber', 'Anansi' and 'Welcome Home.'

He is a founding member of FEPACI (African Filmmakers' Union), FESPACO, the Ghana Film and TV Academy (GAFTA) and the Directors' Guild of Ghana.

He is currently working on a movie project titled, "The Son and Sun of Africa," which is about the life of the legendary Pan-Africanist, Kwame Nkrumah.



Born in 1958 at Capte Coast/Ghana, David describes his profession as that of a theater monster. Apart from creating and running the Agoro show on television, David Dontoh runs his own company the "Golden Kauri". He is the founder of the Kozikozi Theater Company as well as the Edzikanfanfo Concert Party, the David Dontoh Cultural Ensemble and the NGO, Kaurifire Arts Foundation.

Starting with Kukurantumi, the Road to Accra (directed by King Ampaw), Davis has played in both local and international productions and has won several awards for his roles in film and theater including the ECRAG award for best actor. David has played in all the feature films directed by King Ampaw.

DVD sale: $295